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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


It is best to book a reservation with our Prom Limousine rental NJ service as soon as possible. If you make a reservation earlier, it will ensure that the limousine you need is available. To make a reservation, call us and reserve our Prom Limousine rental NJ service over the phone or go online instead!

No shows

It is recommended to stay clear of the possibility of a no-show. Avoid leaving if your driver is not at the pickup location. Contact our office to arrange transportation or relay details to the driver. If you may have been in a different area, or the driver attempted to call but failed, you end up leaving and are charged a no-show fee. The cost of the ride is included in the price.

If you must wait for a driver because of traffic, family emergencies, or an appointment for a haircut or a hair appointment, make sure you contact them. The driver will only be waiting for you at the location you usually pick up – whether in the city center or a residential area. If you’re coming from an airport, the driver is expected to wait an hour. In the time between waiting, the office and the driver will try to contact you to determine the reason for the delay and to verify that you are still in need of the scheduled transportation. If the driver cannot respond with a pause, a late charge and a no-show charge will be added to the cost.

If you’re running behind schedule, ask the driver to wait for you. They will be waiting for you and ensure everyone is content at the end of the day, regardless of any initial difficulties.

Damages To the Vehicle

Sometimes, a person may be under the influence of alcohol, or a pet may escape from the pet carrier and cause an accident. We understand that accidents happen, regardless of the cause. Our goal is to deal with any damages caused by vehicle passengers during transportation. The Prom Limousine rental NJ service will charge you a fair price for cleaning the car (in the event of illness or vomits) and any costs for restoration (such as an injury to the fabric). The exact repair cost will be discussed and explained by us in detail so that you are fully aware of what transpired and what work needs to be done.

Transitions to Credit Cards

We are trying to avoid fraud on the card owner and ensure there aren’t any remaining balances that are not paid after the trip. To complete this, we first check that funds are available on the card used. On your online account, the check will appear as “Pending funds.” This amount will be slightly higher to pay for damages or last-minute drinks requests. If the outstanding amount exceeds the amount accrued during the trip, the rest will be released, and the remaining balance owed is due.


Disputes of charges and complaints may be divided into two groups: corporate and not-corporate. We think all orders are correct for corporate customers unless a complaint has been submitted. The complaint must be filed within ten days from the date of service. To allow any dispute or complaint to be considered, send us an email or fax us the protests and the charges you dispute so we can review them and determine the issue.

Non-corporate customers are subject to all charges as they were at the time of service. But, a complaint must be filed within 15 days. It is necessary to contact us via email, fax, or letter with the details of the charges that you dispute and the reasons.

Collection Fees

You are responsible for all fees incurred by legal counsel or accounting, as well as litigation and legal counsel, in addition to collecting the initial payment.

Rate changes

We are entitled to change any charges or fees except in the uncommon event that our rates for service are increased here with the most reliable NJ limousine company.

Itemized Invoices

To ensure that our clients and ourselves are fully aware of charges and the fees associated with services rendered, we provide itemized invoices to ensure that we are clear about the costs and expenses. For corporate accounts, invoices are sent out every two to four weeks. Statements that are not corporate will receive invoices if requested or upon receipt of charges.

Payment Due Date

We will keep the money on the client’s card for up to one year. If the customer cannot pay using a card, we will demand payment be made within the stipulated time. The fee must be paid for corporate accounts within 15 days of receiving the itemized invoice. Clients who do not have a corporate account must pay for the service after the service has been completed.

Point-to-point cost of airfare

The cost for the service is calculated based on how far the points are from each other and in what zone they are located. Corporate accounts can often get great discounts depending on the mileage and points accrued, and we can negotiate special deals based on your number of users.

Hourly Rates

Many of our vehicles can be rented for an hour per. This service depends on the location and how many hours are needed.

Time to wait

The driver is expected to wait until the time of pickup and then return to the office after completing the waiting time. For domestic flights, the grace period is thirty minutes if the pickup takes place at an airport. If the flight is international, the passengers will be granted an additional 45 minutes grace period. The grace period for regular pickup areas is 10 minutes. The wait time is then charged at the end of the grace period.

Keep in mind that the drivers check every flight, and if delays are posted, there is no wait time for the delay.


Passengers may stop to get coffee or use the bathroom, and these stops are not charged. If, however, there are a lot of waiting times or holidays during those stops, then there will be charges. Call our office at the top NJ limousine company to discuss possible charges.


If any route has tolls, customers are charged for the costs.

Meet & Greet

Our Prom Limousine rental NJ offers meet and greets services to our clients. It is possible to meet and greet on certain vehicles for free, but be sure to inquire. Otherwise, there will be a small charge. For the meet and greet service, the driver will wear an announcement with the passenger’s name on it and wait when customs is closed or the baggage is taken. The wait times for passengers are listed below. They may be dependent on international or domestic flights.


Airports charge parking fees directly to the customers. These charges are typically between $8 and $16 but may vary depending upon how long the driver waits for passengers. All fees are collected directly at the airport and not by our company.

Baby Seats

Baby seats are available upon demand; however, we need to know in advance when you make reservations. It is recommended that parents take a baby seat instead.

Holiday Surcharges

On certain holidays or in severe weather, there will be a surcharge. The exact amount will be based on the severity, duration, and travel length. The specific holidays for which a charge will be incurred include Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, 4 of July, 4 of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas.


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