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Choosing a Limo for prom: Insider’s Guide

Choosing a Limo for prom: Insider’s Guide

Imagine that the limousine is an hour late on your special day. Oh! And when it finally does show up, you wish you could stick your head in the ground like an ostrich in the presence of your guests in hopes they won’t notice the many key scratches all over the side of the 1997 “limousine” and a baseball-sized dent on the left side. Finding the right NJ prom party Limo company can be a daunting task.

Whether planning a prom, wedding, sweet 16, or any special event, choosing the right limousine company is often on your list of priorities. There’s not much partying if you can’t arrive on time and in style.

Carry out a simple Google search or browse the old yellow pages, and you’ll find many limousine companies. Note: Not everyone is created equal! As an expert in the limousine industry for 20 years, here is a guide I have put together to help you achieve a worry-free experience.

Go local:

Just like fruits and vegetables, go local. The more localized your Prom limousine rental NJ is, the better your rates will likely be. Find their actual physical address. Understand that some limousine companies, such as, try to post multiple listings in different cities to promote their listing.

Complicated terms:

Before you sign anything, ensure that you read the cancellation policy and terms and conditions very carefully. Most importantly, you must ensure you have time to cancel, if necessary, without losing any deposit.

Praise and criticism:

Life isn’t long enough to only learn from your errors…you know from others. Go to social networks; find their Facebook page or blog to gauge their popularity and credibility. The company would probably be more legitimate if it had a large fan base. Also, look at public ratings, star ratings, and reviews like Yahoo Local.

Peom Limo

A picture is worth a thousand words. Search for actual photos, not professional photos, on their web page. If you search long enough, you’ll begin to see the same beautiful stretch Hummer over and over again on multiple limousine websites. Some companies have photos of their customers on their Facebook page with the NJ prom party Limo as the background. The raw image represents the limousine that will arrive, not the fictitious pictures copied and pasted to the site.

Southern Hospitality:

Contact a few companies and see who has the courtesy and time to answer your questions and guide you through the process. You also need a reputable company that always answers the phone, not one that sends mail to your mailbox.


When comparing prices, compare the total amount. After booking, certain Prom Limousine Rental NJ companies only offer introductory rates and add hidden fees like there’s no tomorrow. Tipping, fuel surcharges, STC surcharges, travel time or garage-to-garage, and credit card processing fees, to name a few, can easily be double the original amount.

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